32739-Nose of Framework of ZRS-4 (U.S.S. Akron) from Inside of Hangar
The american dirigibles

The American Dirigibles After the I. World War, Mr. Hugo Eckener, the leader of the Zeppelin company established many contacts to USA. Therefore he became the order to build a new dirigible. That ensured the continuity for the Zeppelin company.

32771-The Maiden Flight of the Largest Dirigible Ever Built, the U.S.S. Akron, Sept. 23, 1931

The LZ 126 was delivered by a spectacular flight crossed the Atlantic and enthusiastic received by the American population. The USA got with the airship the know-how to construct own dirigibles. The american dirigibles included new ideas, but the model of the Zeppelin is not to ignore. Of course, the own dirigibles was show to the Zeppelin-enthusiastic Americans with stereoviews.

In spring 2004 there was offered for a short time a very interesting series at ebay with 12 stereoviews from: "LYNN SKEELS, Ravenna, Ohio". But looking at the numbers, it must be a greater series. It would be nice, to get copys (or originals).

Farther a list of all images I know:

  Baldwin's Airship October 25, 1904 International View Co.
2602 Francois Airship about to ascend for a flight, Louisiana purchase exhibition, St. Louis USA HC White
Keystone View Company; Meadville, PA.; New York, N.Y.; Chicago, Ill.; London, England:
17398 Zeppelin ZR-3 Acquired by the United States from Germany  
17397 ZR3 Entering the Hangar at Lakehurst, N.J.  
17402 The Shenandoah and the ZR3 side by side in the hangar  
17403 Giant Zeppelin ZR3 overhead - shenandoah at right, in hangar, Lakehurst N.J.  
32738 Close View, from Within Framework, of Supporting Girders of ZRS-4 (U.S.S. Akron)  
32740 Inside the framework of the ZRS-4 (U.S.S: Akron) during Construction. Akron, Ohio  
32739 Nose of Framework of ZRS-4 (U.S.S. Akron) from Inside of Hangar  
32768 As Our Photographer Saw the Akron, the ZRS-4 on July 29, Just Eleven Days before It Will Be Launched  
32745 A Bow View of the Zeppelin Akron Showing the Outer Covering, Akron, Ohio  
32771 The Maiden Flight of the Largest Dirigible Ever Built, the U.S.S. Akron, Sept. 23, 1931  
LYNN SKEELS, Ravenna, Ohio
ohne Blick von der Seite auf die Heckflosse (vor der Halle)  
?? USS Macon: Tail Section up, April 6, 1932  
6 Close View Applying the Outer Cover  
11 One of the Eight 550 Horse Power Engines of the U.S.S. Akron  
12 Control Car showing Bumper, U.S.S. Akron  
14 Auxiliary Controll Room in Lower Fin U.S.S. Akron  
22 Ready to Launch: the Akron on Mooring Mast in Good year -Zeppelin Dock  
27 Defender Airship taking on Passengers = Blimp
58 Dr. Karl Arnstein. Designer of U.S.S. Macon on G Y Dock Mar. 18, 1932  
63 Six Main Frames of U.S.S. Macon and Modell in Foreground Mar. 18, 1932  
?80? U.S.S. Macon Stops in raicing Tail Section April 6, 1932